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14th September, 1910, a bouncy baby boy by name John Kojo Sarfo Mensah is born to Opanyin Kofi Kyei (a goldsmith and a farmer) and Abena Amoanimaa at a small town in Ashanti Region by name Kokofu. Little did the parents know that this wonderful boy would be part of world, national and the church's history.

In 1922, John Mensah was converted to the Methodist church and became a chapel keeper. He helped his father in his farming work until he turned 20 and left for Cape Coast to become an apprentice driver and a mechanic. Four years later (1934), he obtained his driving license, set up his own transport business and married madam Abena Abebrese and had his only daughter Mrs. Markin known in private life as Ama Serwaa of blessed memory.

From 1939 to 1948, he had a successful business and added diamond prospecting to his old transport business. This was the early life of the prophet.

John Kojo Sarfo Mensah joined the church of Pentecost then Ghana Apostolic in 1950. In 1952, he had a special Holy Ghost baptism and was openly acknowledged PROPHET after series of prophesies concerning his mission. He is now known as PROPHET JOHN MENSAH.

The Holy Spirit baptism was preceded by a sixty (60) days fasting in the wilderness of Cape Coast, Ghana under a marked mango tree. He then went into voluntary celibacy until his death.


The Lord had already started working miracles through the Prophet. He put up a healing camp with some members of the Church of Pentecost at a popular place called Nduem, near Mfantipim Senior High School. The blind regained their sight, the deaf heard, the dumb spoke, the lunatic etc were all healed. Many were set free from the bondage of the devil.

Jealousy grew among his church pastors and in their quest to subdue him, the Pentecost church met to decide to ordain him a pastor. He was visited in his prayer camp and given the information which he refused on the grounds that he cannot read and write and above all, his calling was to be a prophet not a pastor. The church rejected him and on that same day 11th November, 1958, established the Church of Christ (Spiritual Movement). He was supported by most of the women and men like Paa Freeman, Paa Coleman, Paa Wilson, Paa Thompson and Paa Duncan.

The group grew in number and moved from Nduem, went to Madam Ekua Akraba?s House popularly known as Zorro House. A maternity home was established there with Madam Yaa Amina, a nursing sister in charge and was supported by madam Nana Kesewa.

After the establishment of the Church in November, 1958, the church held its first Christmas convention in Kumasi, thousands of people were attracted and the Lord used His Prophet tremendously.

From 1958 to 1971, many branches had been established in the Ashanti region, western region, Greater Accra region, Eastern region with Central region and Cape Coast as the home or Headquarters of the Church.

The Lord moved with the Prophet wherever he went and significant of his prophecy was prophesying about Ghana's Independence which occurred on the exact date and time a year after the prophecy.

To see to the prosperity of the church, the prophet sponsored individuals of the church to take up special profession to support the socio-physical aspect of his ministry. Notable among them are Mr. Kwesi Newton to study Natural Science, Elder Jacobs for Agriculture, Madam Yaa Amina Nursing and Elder Kotey a Theologian.

The Prophet in 1962 had dedicated his official residence to the Church and named it HOUSE OF THE LORD. He traveled in that same year on a special study tour with his private secretary to Canada, United States of America, Britain, France, Israel, Jordan and Italy among others.

In 1971, Prophet John Mensah was made the first President of the National Council of Spiritual Churches during which he visited places like Britain, Germany and Switzerland accompanied by his senior Pastor. In that same year, the Prophet held his last Christmas Convention at Nkurankan in Koforidua in the Eastern region and peacefully passed into glory on Sunday 16th January 1972 at his residence in Cape Coast around 3:25pm.

The church after the demise of the Prophet has undergone some metamorphosis and can currently boast of branches all over the Regions of Ghana except the Upper West Region which is yet to be tapped. It is worthy of note that, due to the tremendous works of the Prophet and the Founding Fathers, branches of the Church reach as far as Nigeria, Liberia, L'Cote D'Ivoire only to mention but a few as part of its foreign Missions. The Church is blessed with an International Mission in the United States of America


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